014: How to Create a Thriving Tribe and Community of Followers with Host Srini Rao

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For 10 years, Srini Rao found himself stuck in corporate American and frustrated by the stagnancy of his career. ?I was somebody who truly was always average at being in that environment,? he says. ?I was always tied to technology and I didn?t want to be in sales for the rest of my life, so I decided to push the reset button on my career and went back to business school.?

Ironically, Srini eventually found his way back to a career based in technology after dabbling in blogging and content creation during business school. Srini started The Skool of Life, his personal blog which eventually led to Blogcast FM, his podcast project where he interviews up and coming bloggers and the world’s leading entrepreneurs.?


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In this episode you?ll find:

  • Why it?s important to test your ideas with your audience before implementing them.
  • How to get started and not allow fear of failure to hold you back
  • Why a goal-setting program can help you keep your project(s) on track
  • Tips for becoming a great interviewer
  • How to implement your ideas and identify unrealistic expectations
  • How to separate your results from your estimation of yourself (i.e. don?t let failure define you)
  • How to overcome your fear of success (and what that fear really is)
  • How to be present in all that you do
  • Two different styles of interview prep, and which will work for you
  • Tips to identifying interesting and engaging interview subjects
  • The best ways to attract and work with sponsors (and what to watch out for)
  • The one simple tip to building a loyal online following



Having no background in the blogging and podcasting world,?Srini had to work his way from the bottom up, establishing a core group of followers before reaching out to some of the bigger-name people in his niche.?But by focusing on providing valuable content, Srini was able to work his way up and learn the necessary skills along the way.?One of the things Srini lists as crucial to his success was his ability to accurately perceive and speak to his audience.

?A friend of mine once said,??Too many people are building an audience of numbers, instead of an audience of people.??? You have to treat your audience like they?re the most important people in the world.?

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